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How Did Miranda Become A Fortune-Teller?

Miranda learned palmistry as a young girl, when she was given books on palmistry by her mother and her grandmothers.  She inherited books on fortune-telling from her father's family.  Miranda was also taught to read hands through studying with her great-uncle Esmond Sowter and she inherited his runes.  She studied astrological types with Mervyn Brady, who was a student of Rodney Collins. 

On her maternal side Miranda is descended from Cormac & Cromach Macalevy – Magicians to the Kings of Ulster.

She studied the Kabbalah in London at a secret school, and continues to study the Tarot on a regular basis using meditation.

She learned the art of reading tea-leaves from an early age and began to read the leaves herself from the age of 7.  Teacup fortune-telling is one of her favourite skills. 

Miranda has read the fortunes of the rich and famous but she does not reveal the names of any clients or her predictions for them.  She does not charge different rates but keeps her prices within the reach of everyone.  She believes that her vibration or her spiritual practice; which includes regular meditation and prayer, means that she attracts the right clients at the right time. 

It is Miranda’s belief that her readings help her clients to be true to themselves and their essence; and help them to follow their soul paths.  Once a reading has finished, she believes that the client's future is their responsibility.  Miranda believes that her predictions are possible futures and that the connection to eternity is always based in the moment and how awake the individual is.  She works to connect her clients with their connection to their five main physical bodies and to open their connection to their higher centres.  Miranda works to connect to spirit through her five main physical bodies and her two higher centres.

When she is working for more than 3 hours a day reading fortunes, Miranda finds that her ability to work modern technology such as cell phones can be taken away, and when reading fortunes intensely during the summer months she has to be careful using keys.  If she is particularly in touch with spirit and channelling she may not be able to use mobile phones at all. This is why she prefers her clients to book in advance. Please send your requests for readings by text to her mobile phone (07550 077273), including your name and the preferred date for your reading. 


Miranda does not record her readings.  You are free to make a recording, but she believes that Spirit will often wipe these readings – particularly when they are no longer useful.

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